Built on Emotion

For those of us that fish, we know the heartache and emotion that is felt when a giant comes unbuttoned for no apparent reason or a fish throws the hook when jumping out of the water, especially when it's a fish that mattered the most. Its a feeling the nobody wants to experience again and a felling nobody should experience again. 

Spearpoint Performance Hooks was founded upon that emotion.

One early morning, while driving to a fishing tournament,  Partners Art and Erik were telling each other stories of the times they had fish "come off" during a tournament. They expressed the pain, the heartache and how much it hurt deep within their soul. They told each other how they wished this would never happen to them again.


As the conversation grew deeper, so did the 4 words that would change the course of fishing hooks as we know it.

"I have an idea"

On this morning, Art and Erik both shared ideas of how they envisioned the perfect hook. A hook that would keep fish pinned, a hook that would allow the bait to move and have maximum hook exposure when a fish bites, a hook that would change the industry and become a true "Performance Fishing Hook." 

On this morning, Art and Erik agreed it was time. They agreed it was time to put the advantage back into the anglers hands. It was time Anglers stop feeling the heartache of fish "coming off". Time for the Anglers to start winning.

On this morning, Art and Erik shook hands and committed themselves to the start of something great. 

On this morning, Spearpoint Performance Hooks had begun.