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My name is Ivy Moore. I'm from Milwaukee Wisconsin born and raised. I've been fishing since I was 4 years old. My grandparents owned a bait shop in the inner city of Milwaukee. We always would go fishing with my grandma and my granddad on the weekends. fishing was not just something to do or get away it was a part of me I never wanted to do anything but fish. I played other sports but I didn't want to participate in them. I had to be either talked into or persuaded to participate in playing basketball or football and I was very very good in soccer. All I wanted to do was fish. Once I experience what it felt like to catch a fish and feel him pulling and tugging on the line it just blew my mind. My grandparents they couldn't pull me off the banks. Every time it was time to go I always ask. Can we stay longer? And they would always say we will come back another day. Sometimes I would leave and no one would know where I have gone. Grandma would know exactly where I would be. The park fishing. They always knew they could come to the neighborhood River area and that's where I would be. Going through school I was a inner city public school student. I could never understand why the school's didn't have a fishing club. I attend the LaVavanway Boys and Girls Club. The Boys & Girls Club and a good friend of my uncle would ask why don't we get a fishing Club started for the kids in the club. When I heard that. I was the first one on board. I beg and plead with the Sports director of Lavarnway Boys and Girls Club and before I knew it we had a fishing club. Every Saturday and some Sundays they would take us fishing and I would be the first one there waiting to go. I with prepared with my fishing gear and baits. Today I fish in tournaments around the state. I enjoy doing it . I think it's time for me to move the scale and start fishing in the Pro circuit . This will give me the opportunity to represent my city myself my grandparents bait shop and the Anglers that are in my city. I will show my skills. The love I have for fishing.

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