The Full Story


For those of us that fish, we know the heartache and emotion that is felt when a giant comes unbuttoned for no apparent reason or a fish throws the hook when jumping out of the water, especially when it's a fish that mattered the most. It's a feeling the nobody wants to experience again and a felling nobody should experience again. 

Spearpoint Performance Hooks was founded upon that emotion.

In February 2017, on the way to a tournament, Spearpoint was founded by two fishing partners, Erik Hennesay and Art Nubaryan, who were tired of losing fish, Spearpoint Performance hooks exists to build the ultimate fishing hooks.
Designed to perform with the most popular soft plastics lures available today. Built around the proven pat. pend VGrip® technology,
Spearpoint Performance Hooks will perfectly present lures and provide the most secure connection between hook and fish to bring
more fish in the boat.

Since the companies start in 2017, Erik and Art have set out on a mission to bring a true Performance Fishing Hook to the market. Now, Spearpoint Performance hooks is one of most trusted and favorited hooks for many Anglers across the world. 



Our proven VGrip® technology gives Anglers the competitive edge when fighting a fish.



Instilling confidence through evidence by landing more fish and having more fun.