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Spearpoint Performance Hooks and Rogers Sports Marketing (RSM) team up.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Spearpoint Performance Hooks teams with Rogers Sports Marketing

Visalia, Calif. – Spearpoint Hooks, known for their proven VGrip® Technology, has contracted with top-tier sales agency, Rogers Sports Marketing (RSM), to oversee and ensure representation and sales from Mississippi east to West Virginia and south to Florida.

“We are incredibly proud to have a highly respected company like Rogers Sports

Marketing represent Spearpoint,” said Spearpoint president and co-founder Erik

Hennesay. “Their experience and knowledge of the industry is invaluable, and it’s humbling to have them represent our brand. With their support, we’ll take Spearpoint to the next level and beyond.

RSM currently offers sales coverage in 10 states, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. “Our RSM team is the largest in the region and we look forward to helping Spearpoint disrupt the hook market nationally,” said C. Trent Rogers, managing partner of RSM. Spearpoint vice president and co-founder, Art Nubaryan, who oversees sales, added, “The RSM connection will benefit all our stakeholders — dealers, wholesalers, and other manufacturers. We’re very excited to see where this partnership takes us, not only in terms of retail sales, but on the OEM side, too. Spearpoint currently has over 90 dealers nationally and internationally including major big box stores, independent brick-and-mortar dealers, and online retailers. Spearpoint is currently distributed by two major wholesalers and is a part of two buying groups. “The steady growth of our company since our launch in 2020 has been great,” Nubaryan said, and working with RSM will make it even better.” said Nubaryan.”

In addition to representing Spearpoint with retail sales, RSM is also representing Spearpoint regarding any OEM opportunities “Offering OEM programs to lure companies to provide unique presentations is a great way to set those baits apart and drive interest and sales,” said Rogers. “The technology behind Spearpoint provides a story that keeps consumers looking and buying. Spearpoint is a differentiator from the traditional hook offerings that everyone has seen for decades and decades.”

Headed into ICAST 2023 with some serious momentum on its side, Spearpoint hopes to take home the trophy for best of category in terminal tackle … maybe even overall Best of Show. “The next chapter for Spearpoint is being showcased at ICAST 2023 with a truly remarkable product in the terminal tackle category,” Hennesay said. “We’ll also have a new product in fishing accessories. Check them out in the New Product Showcase and stop by booth #4516 to learn even more.”

About Spearpoint Performance Hooks

Spearpoint Performance Hooks is dedicated to ending the heartbreak of lost fish. The company was spawned in 2017 when a couple of fishing buddies — Erik Hennesay and Art Nubaryan- decided to build a fishing hook that prevents fish from coming off. The result is Spearpoint Performance Hooks and patent pending VGrip® technology. Spearpoint hooks come in styles and sizes to fit any soft plastic lures available today, and there is no more secure connection between line and fish that a Spearpoint hook.

If you’re fishing with Spearpoint, just set the hook and get the net. That fish is caught!​

Information about Spearpoint Performance Hooks can be found on their website at

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