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Spearpoint Claims Victory in Tennessee

Spearpoint Performance Hooks Claims Victory in Tennessee Pitman Creek Cup Winning team includes Spearpoint Hooks and Company Vice President

Visalia, Calif. - November 1, 2020 – Since before they arrived on the scene, Spearpoint Performance Hooks has been a company run by anglers, building products to help other anglers catch more fish.

When people are passionate about what they do, and they have the skills to put the products they produce to effective use, great things can happen. That collision of passion and skill resulted in Spearpoint Performance Hooks claiming victory in the Pitman Creek Cup event last month in Tennessee.

While Co-founder and company president Erik Hennessey manned the fort In October, Art Nubaryan, Co-founder and vice President of Spearpoint Performance Hooks and pro staff coordinator Eric Arnold headed east to the Pitman Creek Distributor show to work with the distributor to further develop the sales channel and meet potential new customers.

A part of the Pitman Creek show is the popular Pitman Creek Cup fishing tournament on Cherokee Lake. The event pairs pro anglers with representatives of tackle retailers and manufacturers representatives. Nubaryan, a tournament angler from Fresno, Calif. was paired with the owner of Bucks “n” Bass Travis Forrester and his son Isaac.

The trio targeted schooling fish using topwater baits to land a 3.5-pounder early, but the main producer for the day was a Smokin’ Shad colored Zoom Salty Super Fluke rigged on 4/0 Spearpoint EWG hooks. The trio landed a winning weight of 12.48 pounds, earning the title of Pitman Creek Cup Champions and the rights to display the Champions’ Belt at the shop for a year.

Nubaryan said that the day was a lot of fun. “Travis and his son Isaac knew the lake well and took us to an area with good numbers of schooling fish,” he said. “Travis caught our biggest fish early on a Choppo topwater lure, and I started jerking that Fluke on our EWG, and caught some really quickly. We were able to fill our limit and cull a couple of times – I can’t believe we won; it was awesome.”

While winning a tournament was an amazing experience, to Nubaryan, the relationships made with his new friends at Buck “n” Bass and at Pitman Creek was the best part. “The fishing business is all about its people,” said Nubaryan. “Isaac skipped a high school tournament to come fish with us, and his dad really showed us hospitality and his skill on the lake. The folks at Pitman Creek really welcomed us and made us feel at home there as well. Those were the true highlights of the day; the win was just a benefit.”

Hennesay said that it was a testament to the hooks, as well as a great happening for the company. “Art showed how well our hooks perform, and that’s amazing,” he said